What are the benefits of a PostBeeld account?

  • Spread over several days the shopping process
  • Make use of the 'Wishlist' function
  • View the status of your order
  • View your order history
  • Address details saved for following orders
  • Make use of shopping credit

More information can be found here

Can I order by letter, phone, fax or normal e-mail?

No, that is not possible. Orders can only be handled when they are placed on our webshop. .

The website is not working properly. What can i do?

As a forward-looking company, PostBeeld is constantly looking for ways to improve its connection with what is, for PostBeeld, the most important part of its business – its customers.

Thus, in june 2018 PostBeeld launched a new version of its website, which had many advantages over the old version.

These technological improvements included:

  • Improved search facility
  • Compatibility with tablet computers and smartphones
  • Many technical improvements behind the scenes

Yet the complexity of our system has become so that improvement on one side might have unnoticed unwishfull effects on other sides. If you think you found something on our site that is not working properly or could be better, please let us know with a description, if possible with screenshots and the URL. We appreciate your co-operation in further improvements.

Can I reserve stamps that are not listed on your selling lists?

Reservations are not possible. However, we do have a service where you can build a wish list and an e-mail is sent to you once an item on your wish list becomes available. You can build your wish lists via our free world catalogue (FSC tab at top of page).

What must I do if I want to trade-in stamps?

Click on 'Trade or Sell' under the tab 'Customer Service'  to read all about the process. Or click here.

What if my trade-in amount is not equal to my purchase amount?

Upon receipt of your trade items we create a credit for you. Then you can buy stamps from us and pay with your credit. If your balance exceeds your order the remainder will be stored on our system for a future order. If your order amount exceeds your balance, you must pay the difference before placing your order. You can also choose to remove one or more items from your Shopping Cart.

I want to sell stamps to PostBeeld

We also buy-in stamps. Our buy-in lists are available online. Click here for info. (we do not usually buy via the internet stamps which are not on this list).

I want to buy stamps but cannot find an order button

You are probably on our Trade and Sell page or our complete catalogue (freestampcatalogue.nl). All in stock or to order items have an order button.

What is the address and telephone number of PostBeeld

Click here to find our contact details.

I have placed an order, but would like to add or change something

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add to or change orders that are being processed. After receiving your order you can always return one or more items - in an envelope with the number of the item or the card number. We will then either create a credit for you for future use or, if you prefer, we will pay back the amount to you. If you still want to proceed it is always possible to place a new order. It is not possible to combine separately placed orders in one shipment.

What is the difference between Postbeeld.com and Freestampcatalogue.com?

Our website is built in a way that makes it  quick and easy for required stamps to be found in our huge database. We are able to offer two possibilities:
-Searching our vast worldwide stock and direct ordering**
-Searching via our free world catalogue (FSC)*
*The world catalogue is simplified, that means that exclusive stamps and blocks (for most countries from around 1920 to today) are shown, irrespective of whether the stamps are in stock or not. If you want to look at Freestampcatalogue (FSC), click on the FSC tab at the top of the page.
** On the other hand by searching our vast stock (PostBeeld tab) you will also find special items such as stamp sheets, books, letters etc. Our stock changes rapidly. To view our stock click on the 'Stamps' tab at the top of the page. Via the the filters in the 'Make your selection' block, you can search by country, topic, condition, year, or to search further simply enter a keyword.
Additionally, you can look for never hinged, used, stamped, fdc's, postal stationery and maximum cards.
After some practise you will quickly discover the possibilities available using the filter system. If you have questions or problems finding what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us. You can find our contacts here .

I have still not received my order, what is the reason?

After receiving your payment it can take up to six working days to compile your order before it is sent to the post office. Then you have to account for the postal service delivery time, which can be some days, depending on your location. You can track the progress of your order under 'My account'.

Why are stamps not reserved if I pay by bank transfer?

We have had to introduce this rule as our stocks are also now linked to those of other traders. This gives you far more choice should you deal through us, as your order will be compiled by us before sending on to you. For this system to work well it is necessary that the order is paid for before any possible ongoing payments are made to our partner traders.

Direct reservations can be made by choosing various payment methods (e.g. I-deal, PayPal, Visa or Mastercard). Direct reservation is also possible via any personal credit balance you may have on your account with us.

You can create a credit balance with us by transferring money to IBAN account number NL78 INGB 0003 0621 67 (BIC: INGBNL2A) in the name of PostBeeld Haarlem, with a description "addition to customer balance". We would also be grateful if you could let us know the amount transferred and provide us with your email address.

Why does it take up to five working days before my order is sent?

PostBeeld has a vast stock of stamps but also works together with other dealers, whose stock is coupled to our system. This is a very convenient way for you to shop. Instead of the possibility of, for example, having to make five or six separate orders from various sources to receive the stamps you require, everything can be collected together by us for onward delivery to you. As we may have to wait for part of your order to be sent to us from other dealers this does mean that it may take a little bit longer for us to compile your order before posting to you.