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Postage stamps have existed since 1840. All countries issue stamps and many of them use stamps as a way to publicise their culture or special occasions. Stamps are also issued on almost every subject you can think of.

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1840, 2p Blue, Queen Victoria

sen0002, Great Britain, 1840

1841, 1p Redbrown, Queen Victoria

seng0003, Great Britain, 1841

1841, 2p Blue, Queen Victoria

sen0004, Great Britain, 1841

1847, 6p Violet, Queen Victoria

sen0005, Great Britain, 1847

1847, 10p Redbrown, Queen Victoria

sen0006, Great Britain, 1847

1847, 1Sh, Green, Queen Victoria

sen0007, Great Britain, 1847

1849, 10c, King Leopold I

sbeg0001, Belgium, 1849

1849, 20c, King Leopold I

sbeg0002, Belgium, 1849

1849, 10c, King Leopold I

sbeg0003, Belgium, 1849

1849, 20c, King Leopold I

sbeg0004, Belgium, 1849

1849, 40c, King Leopold I

sbeg0005, Belgium, 1849

1849, Definitive, 1kr, black

sbio0001, Germany, Bayern, 1849

1851, 12c, George Washington

susg0007, United States of America, 1851

1851, 3c, George Washington

suso0009, United States of America, 1851

1852, 25c Blue, Louis Napoleon

sfrg0009, France, 1852

1852, Queen Victoria 1v

svcg0004, Australia, Victoria, 1852

1853, 40c, Orange, Napoleon III

sfrg0015, France, 1853

1853, King Kamehameha III 1v

shwo0005, Hawaii, 1853

1853, King Kamehameha III 1v

shwo0006, Hawaii, 1853

1853, Queen Isabella II, 5v

sspo0017, Spain, 1853

1853, Queen Victoria 1v

svcg0005, Australia, Victoria, 1853

1854, Definitives 4v

sde0003, Denmark, 1854

1854, 2p Blue, Perf. 16, Queen Victoria

sen0009, Great Britain, 1854

1854, 4A Queen Victoria

sidg0007, India, 1854

1854, 2A, Queen Victoria

sidg0006, India, 1854

1854, 1A, Queen Victoria

sidg0005, India, 1854

1854, 1/2A Blue, Queen Victoria

sidg0004, India, 1854

1854, On service 4v

sspos1, Spain, 1854

1854, Queen Victoria 1v

svcg0006, Australia, Victoria, 1854

1854, Definitives 2v

svcg0007, Australia, Victoria, 1854

1854, 1Sh, imperforated

svcg0006b, Australia, Victoria, 1854

1854, Definitives 6v

szw0013, Switzerland, 1854

1855, 1p Redbrown, Queen Victoria

sen0010, Great Britain, 1855

1855, 2p Blue, Queen Victoria

sen0011, Great Britain, 1855

1855, 4p Redcarmine, Queen Victoria

sen0012, Great Britain, 1855

1855, 4p Carminered, Queen Victoria

sen0013, Great Britain, 1855

1855, Definitive 1v

snog0001, Norway, 1855

1855, Queen Isabella II, 4v

sspo0031, Spain, 1855

1855, On service 4v

sspos005, Spain, 1855

1855, Queen Victoria 3v

szb0001, Australia, South Australia, 1855

1856, Definitive, 1v (5Gr)

sdgo0002, Germany, Bremen, 1856

1856, 6p Purpleviolet, Queen Victoria

sen0014, Great Britain, 1856

1856, 1Sh, Yellowgreen, Queen Victoria

sen0015, Great Britain, 1856

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