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Birds are feathered, winged, bipedal, warm-blooded vertebrates. There are about 10,000 different species of birds, more species than any other vertebrate. Many species are economically important, especially as a source of food acquired through hunting or breeding. Some species, particularly songbirds and parrots, are popular as pets. Since the 17th century over 120 species have become extinct because of human activities. Currently about 1,200 species of birds are threatened with extinction due to human activities, although efforts are made to protect them.

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2016, Eagles 4v [+]

styp31601, Tajikistan, 2016

2019, Owls 4v

styp31906, Tajikistan, 2019

2020, Animals 4v

styp32011, Tajikistan, 2020

2017, WWF, Manul 4v

styp31702, Tajikistan, 2017

2007, Birds 6v

sty30706, Tajikistan, 2007

2006, Dogs 6v

stya0606, Tajikistan, 2006

2007, Birds 6v m/s

styp30706a, Tajikistan, 2007

Mint NH

2005, WWF, Mountain fauna 4v [+]

stya0504, Tajikistan, 2005

Mint NH
First Day Cover

2006, Asian Fauna 8v m/s

stypb0608, Tajikistan, 2006

1996, Endangered birds s/s

styb006, Tajikistan, 1996

Mint NH

2005, End of world war II s/s

styb0511, Tajikistan, 2005

Mint NH

2002, Flora/Fauna 8v m/s

stypn2d1a, Tajikistan, 2002

2000, Birds of prey 4v

stypn0rva, Tajikistan, 2000

2000, Birds of prey s/s

stypn0rvb, Tajikistan, 2000

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