Cattle (colloquially cows) are the most common type of large domesticated ungulates (hoofed animals). Cattle are bred and raised as livestock for meat, as dairy animals for milk and other dairy products for human consumption, and as draft animals (normally oxen or bullocks - pulling carts or ploughs). Other cattle-derived products include leather, and dung used as manure or fuel.

In some countries, such as India, cattle are sacred. It is thought that cattle were first domesticated in south-east Turkey about 10,500 years ago. Currently there are an estimated 1.3 billion cattle in the world.

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1904, PAZ 1904 overprints 3v

Main product: sur0164 Country: Uruguay Year: 1904 Nr. Yvert: 167/69 Nr. Michel: 164/66

1910, Overprints 3v

Main product: sur0180 Country: Uruguay Year: 1910 Nr. Michel: 180/82

1913, Definitives 17v

Main product: smv0017 Country: Mauritania Year: 1913 Nr. Michel: 17/33

1915, Red Cross overprints 2v

Main product: smv0034 Country: Mauritania Year: 1915 Nr. Michel: 34/35

1917, Macedonian occupation 7v

Main product: sbl0112 Country: Bulgaria Year: 1917 Nr. Fsc: 21701 Nr. Yvert: 109/4A Nr. Michel: 112/8

1917, Macedonia 3v

Main product: sbl0119 Country: Bulgaria Year: 1917 Nr. Fsc: 21702 Nr. Michel: 119/21

1926, Agricultural and industrial exposition 6v

Main product: seg0097 Country: Egypt (Kingdom) Year: 1926 Nr. Fsc: 22601 Nr. Michel: 97/02

1926, Overprints 3v

Main product: seg0105 Country: Egypt (Kingdom) Year: 1926 Nr. Fsc: 22604 Nr. Michel: 105/07

1928, Airmail definitives 10v

Main product: smr0077 Country: Morocco Year: 1928 Nr. Fsc: 22801 Nr. Michel: 77/86




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1930, Republic centenary 13v

Main product: sec0297 Country: Ecuador Year: 1930 Nr. Fsc: 23003 Nr. Michel: 297/09

1932, Definitives 15v

Main product: sco0327 Country: Colombia Year: 1932 Nr. Fsc: 23205 Nr. Michel: 327/41

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