1922, Definitives 15v

Main product: sps0103 Country: Saint Pierre and Miquelon Year: 1922 Nr. Michel: 103/17

1924, Overprints 11v

Main product: sps0118 Country: Saint Pierre and Miquelon Year: 1924 Nr. Michel: 118/28

1931, Demerara district 4v

Main product: sgy0151 Country: Guyana Year: 1931 Nr. Michel: 151/55

1931, White cross 4v

Main product: snd0172 Country: Netherlands Indies Year: 1931 Nr. Fsc: 23101 Nr. Michel: 184/87 Nr. Other: 172/75
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1932, Definitives, views 16v

Main product: spx0079 Country: Papua Year: 1932 Nr. Fsc: 23202 Nr. Michel: 79/94

1933, Definitives, views 10v

Main product: serc204 Country: Eritrea Year: 1933 Nr. Fsc: 23301 Nr. Michel: 204/13

1934, Definitives 13v

Main product: sgy0156 Country: Guyana Year: 1934 Nr. Michel: 156/68

1934, Definitives 37v

Main product: soc0089 Country: French Oceania Year: 1934 Nr. Michel: 89/125

1938, Definitives 25v

Main product: sse0121 Country: Seychelles Year: 1938 Nr. Fsc: 23801 Nr. Michel: 121/45

1941, Fisherman 1v

Main product: sfr0537 Country: France Year: 1941 Nr. Fsc: 24111 Nr. Scott: B116 Nr. Yvert: 504 Nr. Michel: 537
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1941, Costumes 10v

praja de nazare, coimbra, lisboa, olhao, aveiro, madeira, viana do castelo,

Main product: spo0632 Country: Portugal Year: 1941 Nr. Fsc: 24102 Nr. Yvert: 616/5 Nr. Michel: 632/1
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1946, Red Cross 4v

Main product: sfi0320 Country: Finland Year: 1946 Nr. Yvert: 305/8 Nr. Michel: 320/23
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1947, Occupations 4v

Main product: spl0472 Country: Poland Year: 1947 Nr. Fsc: 24708 Nr. Yvert: 504/7 Nr. Michel: 472/5
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1948, Definitives 16v

Main product: sbh0137 Country: Bahamas Year: 1948 Nr. Fsc: 24801 Nr. Yvert: 121/6 Nr. Michel: 137/2

1949, Working people 4v

Main product: sfr0834 Country: France Year: 1949 Nr. Fsc: 24902 Nr. Scott: B233/36 Nr. Yvert: 823/6 Nr. Michel: 834/37

1949, Cochin, Views 2v

Main product: sidcoc101 Country: India Year: 1949 Nr. Fsc: 24905 Nr. Michel: COC101/2

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