1894, Definitives 9v

Main product: snb0049 Country: North Borneo Year: 1894 Nr. Yvert: 52/60 Nr. Michel: 49/57

1894, Definitives 2v

Main product: szb0076 Country: Australia, South Australia Year: 1894 Nr. Michel: 76/77

1895, Sirmoor, Definitives 8v

Main product: sidsir8 Country: India Year: 1895 Nr. Fsc: 19501 1 Nr. Michel: 8/15

1895, Overprint 1v

Main product: ssb0020 Country: Samoa Year: 1895 Nr. Michel: 20

1895, 1/2p on 3p Overprint 1v

Main product: swe0043 Country: Australia, Western Australia Year: 1895 Nr. Michel: 43

1895, Half-penny on 3p, Double overprint reD/green 1v

Main product: swe0043f Country: Australia, Western Australia Year: 1895 Nr. Michel: 43F

1899, Overprints 3v

Main product: sgy0103 Country: Guyana Year: 1899 Nr. Yvert: 93/95 Nr. Michel: 103/05

1899, Definitives 2v

Main product: ssb0025 Country: Samoa Year: 1899 Nr. Michel: 25/26

1899, Landscapes 8v, WM multiple TAS

Main product: stm0061 Country: Australia, Tasmania Year: 1899 Nr. Michel: 61/68

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