1888, 100 Years Crowncolony 2v, WM digits

Main product: snw0071 Country: Australia, New South Wales Year: 1888 Nr. Michel: 71/72

1890, 100 Years Crowncolony, WM square and circle, 2v

Main product: snw0073 Country: Australia, New South Wales Year: 1890 Nr. Michel: 73/74

1900, Hispaniola 9v

Main product: sdm0084 Country: Dominican Republic Year: 1900 Nr. Michel: 84/92

1907, Definitives 16v

Main product: sre0056 Country: Reunion Year: 1907 Nr. Michel: 56/71

1908, Newfoundland map 1v

Main product: snf0067 Country: Newfoundland Year: 1908 Nr. Fsc: 20801 Nr. Michel: 67

1913, Definitives 15v

Main product: sau0004 Country: Australia Year: 1913 Nr. Fsc: 21301 Nr. Michel: 4/18

1914, Map 1v

Main product: skz0028 Country: Canal Zone Year: 1914 Nr. Michel: 28
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1915, Definitives, WM3, 7v

Main product: sau0021 Country: Australia Year: 1915 Nr. Fsc: 21501 Nr. Michel: 21/27

1915, Red Cross 1v

Main product: sre0080 Country: Reunion Year: 1915 Nr. Michel: 80

1915, Red Cross (red overprint) 1v

Main product: sre0081 Country: Reunion Year: 1915 Nr. Fsc: 21502 Nr. Michel: 81

1916, Red Cross 1v

Main product: sre0082 Country: Reunion Year: 1916 Nr. Fsc: 21601 Nr. Michel: 82

1917, Overprint 1v

Main product: sre0083 Country: Reunion Year: 1917 Nr. Fsc: 21701 Nr. Michel: 83

1921, Macedonian occupation 5v

Main product: sbl0151 Country: Bulgaria Year: 1921 Nr. Yvert: 151/5 Nr. Michel: 151/5

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