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Welcome to Freestampcatalogue.com

Freestampcatalogue.com is the free online stampcatalogue for stamps from the whole world.

What does Freestampcatalogue contain?

• A free world catalogue with virtually every stamp/series/block from 1920 to date
• Additionally, many countries with stamps pre-1920
• A catalogue for each country
• 250 different topics
• Filter function to help find desired combination
• Always free-to-use Freestampcatalogue numbers
• With in-stock items also numbers for other leading catalogues displayed
• Every week new issues are added
• Stocked items can be ordered direct from PostBeeld
• Displayed prices are actual selling prices
• Free wish-list facility

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What does Freestampcatalogue not contain?

Exemptions, mini sheets, misprints, stamp booklets, stamps from series, etc. (some of which are still visible when you click on 'related products' - this, however, is not a complete list) Not officially-issued stamps and 'cinderellas'. Recently issued stamps from the following countries, which have, over recent years, adopted an extreme policy of frequently issuing new stamps: Burundi, Central Africa, Comoros, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Rep. Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Maldives, Mozambique, Niger, Saint Thomas, Solomon Islands, Togo, Uganda and Grenadines of St Vincent.

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2014, Elez Isufi 1v

sab31413, Albania, 2014

Mint NH

2014, Sulejman Delvina 1v

sab31403, Albania, 2014

Mint NH

2014, Pope Francis 1v

sabp31402, Albania, 2014

Mint NH

2014, Kuci Meeting 2v [:]

sab31405, Albania, 2014

Mint NH

2014, 70 Years Liberation

sab31408, Albania, 2014

Mint NH

2014, National Handicrafts s/s

sab31411a, Albania, 2014

Mint NH

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New products

1962, Anti malaria 3v

sttp0592, Tunisia, 1962

Mint NH

1962, Anti malaria 2v, overprints

sykp0033, Yemen, Kingdom, 1962

Mint NH

1962, Anti Malaria 3v

scp0092, Congo (Kinshasa), 1962

Mint NH

1962, Anti malaria 2v

ssd0175, Sudan, 1962

Mint NH

1963, Anti Malaria 2v overprints 27-9-1962

syep0330, Yemen, Arab Republic, 1963

Mint NH

1962, Anti malaria 1v

sdh0192, Dahomey, 1962

Mint NH

1962, Anti malaria 1v

smv0190, Mauritania, 1962

Mint NH

1962, Anti malaria 2v

slj0118, Libya Kingdom, 1962

Mint NH

1962, Anti malaria 5v, overprints

sgzpiv, Guinea, Republic, 1962

Mint NH

1963, Stop malaria 5v

sshp0022, Sharjah, 1963

Mint NH

1962, Anti malaria 11v

sah0644, Afghanistan, 1962

Mint NH

1963, Freedom from hunger 3v

svn1493, Venezuela, 1963

Mint NH