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Freestampcatalogue.com is the free online stampcatalogue for stamps from the whole world.

What does Freestampcatalogue contain?

• A free world catalogue with virtually every stamp/series/block from 1920 to date
• Additionally, many countries with stamps pre-1920
• A catalogue for each country
• 250 different topics
• Filter function to help find desired combination
• Always free-to-use Freestampcatalogue numbers
• With in-stock items also numbers for other leading catalogues displayed
• Every week new issues are added
• Stocked items can be ordered direct from PostBeeld
• Displayed prices are actual selling prices
• Free wish-list facility

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What does Freestampcatalogue not contain?

Exemptions, mini sheets, misprints, stamp booklets, stamps from series, etc. (some of which are still visible when you click on 'related products' - this, however, is not a complete list) Not officially-issued stamps and 'cinderellas'. Recently issued stamps from the following countries, which have, over recent years, adopted an extreme policy of frequently issuing new stamps: Burundi, Central Africa, Comoros, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Rep. Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Maldives, Mozambique, Niger, Saint Thomas, Solomon Islands, Togo, Uganda and Grenadines of St Vincent.

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Yearset 1989, complete, 25v (incl.

szwpyd1989, Switzerland, 1989

Mint NH

Yearset 1997, complete, 32v

szwpyd1997, Switzerland, 1997

Mint NH

Yearset 2008, complete, 46v + 1s/s

szwpyd2008, Switzerland, 2008

Mint NH

Yearset 1973, complete, 34v (incl.

szwyd1973, Switzerland, 1973

Mint NH

Yearset 1968, complete, 25v

szwpyd1968, Switzerland, 1968

Mint NH

Yearset 1969, complete, 24v (incl.

szwpyd1969, Switzerland, 1969

Mint NH

Yearset 1972, complete, 24v

szwpyd1972, Switzerland, 1972

Mint NH

Yearset 1977, complete, 29v

szwpyd1977, Switzerland, 1977

Mint NH

Yearset 1978, complete, 22v + 1s/s

szwpyd1978, Switzerland, 1978

Mint NH

Yearset 1979, complete, 23v

szwpyd1979, Switzerland, 1979

Mint NH

Yearset 1980, complete, 22v

szwpyd1980, Switzerland, 1980

Mint NH

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Airmail definitive 1v

szw0213z, Switzerland, 1925

Yearset 1952, complete, 14v

szwpyd1952, Switzerland, 1952

Yearset 1955, complete, 14v + 1s/s

szwpyd1955, Switzerland, 1955

Mint NH

Yearset 1957, complete, 16v

szwpyd1957, Switzerland, 1957

Mint NH

Yearset 1961, complete, 20v

szwpyd1961, Switzerland, 1961

Yearset 1964, complete, 17v

szwpyd1964, Switzerland, 1964

Yearset 1981, complete, 23v

szwpyd1981, Switzerland, 1981

Mint NH

Yearset 1982, complete, 32v (incl.

szwpyd1982, Switzerland, 1982

Mint NH

Yearset 1983, complete, 25v (incl.

szwpyd1983, Switzerland, 1983

Mint NH

Yearset 1984, complete, 19v +1s/s

szwpyd1984, Switzerland, 1984

Mint NH

Yearset 1985, complete, 21v (incl.

szwpyd1985, Switzerland, 1985

Mint NH

Yearset 1990, complete, 23v + 1s/s

szwpyd1990, Switzerland, 1990

Mint NH

Yearset 1991, complete, 25v

szwpyd1991, Switzerland, 1991

Yearset 1993, complete, 27v

szwpyd1993, Switzerland, 1993

Yearset 1995, complete, 29v + 1s/s

szwpyd1995, Switzerland, 1995

Mint NH

Yearset 1996, complete, 34v (incl.

szwpyd1996, Switzerland, 1996

Mint NH

Yearset 1998, complete, 38v + 1s/s

szwpyd1998, Switzerland, 1998

Mint NH