1913, Kookaburra 1v

Main product: sau0020 Country: Australia Year: 1913 Nr. Fsc: 21401 Nr. Michel: 20

1913, Overprints 3v

Main product: sit0107 Country: Italy Year: 1913 Nr. Michel: 107/09
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1913, Definitives 17v

Main product: smv0017 Country: Mauritania Year: 1913 Nr. Michel: 17/33

1913, Definitives 6v

Main product: snd0129 Country: Netherlands Indies Year: 1913 Nr. Fsc: 21302 Nr. Other: 129/4
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1914, War Aid 17v

Main product: sho0145 Country: Hungary Year: 1914 Nr. Michel: 145/61
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1915, Definitives, WM3, 7v

Main product: sau0021 Country: Australia Year: 1915 Nr. Fsc: 21501 Nr. Michel: 21/27

1915, Definitives 39v

Main product: sfs0082 Country: French Somalia Year: 1915 Nr. Fsc: 21501 Nr. Michel: 82/120

1915, Red Cross overprints 2v

Main product: smv0034 Country: Mauritania Year: 1915 Nr. Michel: 34/35

1916, Oubangui-Chari-Tschad, Red cross 1v

Main product: scjoc18 Country: Central Africa Year: 1916 Nr. Michel: 18

1916, Definitives 2v

Main product: sho0181 Country: Hungary Year: 1916 Nr. Fsc: 21603 Nr. Michel: 181/82

1916, War Aid 3v

Main product: sho0183 Country: Hungary Year: 1916 Nr. Fsc: 21604 Nr. Michel: 183/85

1916, Definitives, Wilhelmina 3v

Main product: sna0068 Country: Netherlands Antilles Year: 1916 Nr. Fsc: 21601 Nr. Other: 68/70
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1916, Overprints 8v

Main product: srrbb1 Country: Ruanda-Urundi Year: 1916 Nr. Michel: BB1/8

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